Anton Kraly – DropShip Lifestyle 7.0

Anton Kraly - DropShip Lifestyle 7.0

Anton Kraly – DropShip Lifestyle 7.0

Version 7.0 of Drop Ship Lifestyle is Live – Here’s What’s New

Happy ​Tuesday! I’ve got some good news to share with everyone! Version 7.0 of the ​Drop Ship Lifestyle Blueprint is LIVE! The team and I have been working HARD these past few weeks, and the result has paid off.

I’m beyond proud of this new version of the Drop Ship Lifestyle Blueprint, and I’m stoked that it’s finally time to share all the upgrades. So ​here’s what’s new with the latest update:

A brand new Welcome module to cover the foundations of Drop Ship Lifestyle:

  • Foundations of eCommerce
  • Foundations of Online Business
  • Knowing Your Why
  • Drop Ship Lifestyle Code of Ethics

Additional insights on everyone’s favorite module: Niche Selection:

  • Product Size, Weight, & Profit
  • Passion vs. Profit
  • Examples of Good & Bad Niches

Updated strategies in the Market Research module for 2018 and beyond:

  • Creating Your “Future Competitors” Master List
  • Extracting Suppliers For Your Master List
  • How Much Competition Is Too Much Competition?

Massive updates to the Supplier Approvals ​module:

  • Drop Ship Supplier Research
  • Trust Is Everything
  • Good vs. Bad Stores
  • Phone and Email Scripts
  • Supplier FAQs (What They Ask)
  • Supplier Relationships (Terms, Pricing, Exclusivity, & More)
  • Optimizing For Conversions:
  • Exploit Their Weakness
  • Usability Over Design
  • Ethically Spy On Your Visitors

A WHOLE module dedicated to outsourcing & automation:

  • Your Automation Toolkit
  • Abandoned Cart Automation
  • Google Sheets Automation
  • Order Tracking and Reviews Automation
  • Custom Order Automation
  • Content Distribution Automation

Again, this is just some of what’s new! To see the full list ​head over here.

And scroll about halfway down the page to see a breakdown of all the training inside version 7.0 of the Drop Ship Blueprint. So excited to finally be sharing the new version with everyone.


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Anton Kraly – DropShip Lifestyle 7.0 Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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