Paul Murphy – Affiliate Tube Success Academy

Get Affiliate Tube Success Academy By Paul Murphy

Affiliate Tube Success Academy By Paul Murphy

Welcome to the first in our series of Groove Digital Presents.

First, we are proud to present Paul Murphy with his underground white hat system that shows exactly how he never has to pay for advertising to any product on the front page of Google. (no, seriously, he gets free ads)

Paul Murphy – Affiliate Tube Success Academy Groove Digital Presents…
How Paul Murphy Gets FREE Listings In Position 1,2 & 3 On Google For Years To Come Attracting New Red Hot Buyers Every Day

➦ Introduction From Mike Filsaime -​00:10
➦ How Paul Discovered This System – 00.10:00
➦ He never designed This To Show To Anyone -​ 00.26:26
➦ It Took 5 Mins To Rank A Podcast – 00:34.53
➦ Paul’s First Case Study Got 72 Page One Listings – 00:36.12
➦ The 4 Crucial Pattern Shifts – 00:37.42
➦ What Do You Need To Start With? – 00:41.15
➦ Who Can Use This System? – 00:42.25
➦ How He Reduced All His Marketing To Zero – 00:43.10
➦ How Richard Branson “Protected The Downside” When He Started His Airline – 00:46.27
➦ How He Gets Products At The Top Of Google – 00:49.24
➦ The 5 Myths That Will Stop You – 00:51.38
➦ Do These Three Things To Get Buyers – 01:07.44
➦ How To Get Over 50% Conversion With “The Power Of Three” – 01:11.29
➦ The Simple 5 Step “Magic” Formula To Success – 01:11.29
➦ He Earned $3000 in 24 Hours, Here’e The Case Study – 01:22.15
➦ Over $2700 Per Week & He Even Lost The Log In – 01:24.26
➦ Recap Of What Was Covered So Far – 01:25:42
➦ Is Paul Superman? (NO!) – 01:25:42
➦ Your Two Advertising Options Are.. – 01:33:15
➦ Why You Never Need To Hire Paul For $15k – 01:34:14
➦ Introducing The Affiliate Tube Success Academy – 01:34:56
➦ What This Training Could Do For You? – 01:35:20
➦ Rob’s Case Study – 01:36:14
➦ One Product Is All It Takes – 01:36:50
➦ What Training Is Inside The Affiliate Tube Success Academy? – 01:38:06
➦ Fast Action Bonus #1 – 01:46:15
➦ Fast Action Bonus #2 – 01:49:12
➦ Fast Action Bonus #3 – 01:50:02
➦ What Would You pay For Free Ads?- 01:51:47
➦ Mike’s Thoughts On This – 01:51:47
➦ Exclusive Offer – 01:55:45
➦ If All This Did Was.. – 01:56:27
➦ Q&A – 02:01:55 – 02:47:49

Paul Murphy – Affiliate Tube Success Academy This Offer Includes

 Fast Action Bonus #1
Give away the 4 Module Course made from this webinar content to convert your offer and add commission to your bottom line.

Make $800 per sale when they upgrade to the academy.

 Fast Action Bonus #2
Complete your own channel review with my templates and training (no need to hire me for $1997)

 Fast Action Bonus #3.
Full training for your team. Full (unbranded) training to hand off to your team to set up your channel, create the videos (using a free tool) and rank them on Google. Just give them your product and sit back while I train them to do the work for you,

We will not share or trade online information that you provide us (including e-mail addresses).
All personal information you submit is encrypted and secure.

What people are saying

I Got 72 Page One Listings In The First Two Weeks.
-Todd Temaat

If You Are On The Fence About Working With Paul Then Take The Leap Of Faith As I Did And You Wont Be Disappointed.
-Rob Begg

30 Day Guarantee
Risk free investment. If you cannot rank even one video with this system within 30 days then I do not deserve your money. Full details in our refund policy

Secure Payment
All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy.



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Paul Murphy – Affiliate Tube Success Academy Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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